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As China grew to be the world's second largest economy, cross-border trade has become a vital part of Chinese economy, showing great potential for development.  The differences in each country's trade policy and related laws, varying regulatory customs requirements in different categories of import and export commodities coupled with license requirements, such as CCC, UL, CE, etc and, special industry-related regulatory requirements such as medical apparatus and instruments market access regulations, as well as the international settlement system have increased the complexity and professional requirements of cross-border trade sales, making it more complex and sensitive than domestic trade.  

Beginning with the 21st century, cross-border e-commerce import and export trade has gradually started competing with its traditional offline counterpart due to the wide application of Internet e-commerce, especially of mobile Internet. The modernization of the whole supply chain system – including trade, settlement, transportation and distribution – is accelerating, and cross-border trade has become increasingly diversified and complex.  

Bestrader was founded in 2018 to better fill the spaces around cross-border trade.  

As a team with many years of experience in international trade, settlement and logistics throughout the whole supply chain, we are committed to providing the most professional, most convenient cross-border trade services to our customers. BESTRADER strives to become a recognized, first-class cross-border trade service provider.

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