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Bestrader is a professional foreign trade enterprise jointly established by a group of senior executives in the field of international supply chain management.  

One of the founders, key manager of the company, has served as Vice President and General Manager of state-owned import and export companies in Hong Kong and Beijing for a long time, and has gathered nearly 30 years of experience in import and export business and enterprise management.  As a member of the core team of a state-owned enterprise, he was responsible for the establishment and negotiation of a joint-venture logistics company in China with a leading global logistics company, and served as the long-time Chinese director of this joint-venture.  He planned and set up an online service platform for import and export customs clearance, led the consultation of several cross-border e-commerce projects, and was appointed as a member of the decision-making advisory expert group by the China Customs Declaration Association in 2018.

Another core member of the company has collected over 20 years of experience in operations and management working with a number of well-known international logistics companies in China and other countries. His expertise covers the entirety of supply chain operations, including international air, sea, and land transportation, railway and multimodal transportation, as well as bonded and non-bonded import and export warehouse management.

Since its establishment, Bestrader has always adhered to a management principle of integrity and a people-oriented, customer-first approach. Gathering industry elites, the core business team members of the company all graduated from well-known universities, majoring in international economics and trade and other related subjects. They have accumulated many years of working experience in state-owned foreign trade enterprises and have rich practical experience in import and export business.  Proficient in international transportation, international settlement, trade compliance, customs inspection and customs clearance, feasibility study, supply chain optimization and process design, we can provide customers with high quality international trade and consulting services. 

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